Convertidor de fase 1 a 3 (trifasico) rotatativo de 40 HP CNC Grade, Industrial Grade GP40PLV

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General Specifications

Horsepower: 40 hp
Kilo-watt (kw): 29.8
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Generator Enclosure: TEFC
Generator Frame: 326T

Single Phase Electrical Specs

Voltage Input: 220/440
Min. Fuse Size: 60/30
Min. Circuit Breaker: 60/30
Max. Fuse Size: 200/100
Max Circuit Breaker: 200/100
Min. Wire Input: 4/0-2/0 AWG
Idle Amperage: 5.12/5
Minimum Breaker Size: 2 x load amp

Three Phase Electrical Specs

Voltage Output: 220/440
Output Amperage: 104/85
Voltage Balance: 2-5%/2-5%
Minimum Wire to Generator: 1/1 AWG
Minimum Wire to Load: based on load
Max Resistive Amps: 56/28

Dimensions and Weights

Generator Weight: 590 lbs
Generator Dimensions (XxYxZ) inches: 30.3x16x17.1
Panel Weight: 50 lbs
Panel Dimensions (LxWxD) inches: 20x20x8
Panel Color: ANSI91 Grey

Easy - no flywheel, clutch, little resistance/inertia
(same size as HP)

Medium - machine inertia, medium resistance
(1 size larger than load HP)

Hard - flywheel, no clutch, starts against load
(2x larger than load HP)

Very Hard - continuous load
(2.5 larger than load HP)

Frequent Start - instant reversing, heavy running loads

CNC - turning centers, PLC's, EDM, CNC machining

Resistive - heaters, transformers, welders, power supplies etc

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