PerfectPrime IR0102, (IR) infrarrojos de imagen térmica y cámara de luz visible 1024 píxeles, -4-572°F, 9 Hz para teléfono móvil Android (Android 32 x 32 pixels)

  • $ 8,890.30

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Thermal Imager for Your Android Phone

Experience a world you have never seen before with the Perfect Prime IR0102 thermal Imager camera for android devices. Take this device and go on an adventure or exploration. The limits of its uses are your imagination.

Popular Applications include:

Home Repair - Thermal imaging cameras can quickly and accurately detect leakages to home air con units and car maintenance.

Search and Rescue - Search and rescue operation often have a time limit on when they need to find a missing person.

Industrial Repair - Highly used to check voltage level especially in the electrical and mechanical systems to make sure machines are functioning properly and to diagnose any potential problems.


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